Sara M. Zak
"MISHAP" Contained
Solo exhibition at Peter A. and Mary Lou Vogt Art Gallery, located within the library at Cansius College.

***Opening Reception: Friday, October 23rd 5-7pm

With this current body of work, Sara M. Zak quietly examines the rarely thought of tragedy of military training deaths or as referred to in a 1994 government study "mishaps." The installation at Cansius deals solely with F-111 aviation deaths occurring between 1967 and 1994; of the 115 airmen to die in the F-111, 94 of them perished in training exercises. Zak's paintings often explore the shifting nature of time, place, concept, actuality, and paint. She juxtaposes unrelated moments in time, while also showing a dichotomy between a planned concept and an actual existence. This exhibit takes these same concepts and adds to them the occurrence of a catastrophic event that exists at a specific place and time, but is often forget by all but a handful due to the "un-heroic" nature of the tragedy.

Buffalo Arts Studio Teaching Artists Exhibit
September 25th - October 10th
Buffalo Society of Artists 119th Catalogue Exhibit
October 1st at Buffalo Center for Arts and Technology.
I am very honored and exhibit to have been named a finalist for the Sustainable Arts Foundation Fall 2104 Awards. My work was chosen from over a 1000 artists/writers. Here are the judges comments on my paintings:

"There is a wonderful, searching quality in the strongest pieces."

"Your paintings are in love with paint!"

"I like the structure in these works... lots of architectural perspective which helps to ground the pieces. But then there's an impressionistic brush stroke and a mixing of imagery-- like multiple exposures-- that is satisfying. I'm interested enough to want to figure out what the scenes are portraying and what might be the connection between various elements of the painting."